Can filtered water be noxious?

How to properly filter water from the tap
How to properly filter water from the tap?
December 11, 2018
Can filtered water be noxious

The tap water quality has significantly improved over the past years. As technology advances, water purification stations introduce new drinking water purification procedures. However, despite these changes and regular water purity tests, we cannot be 100% sure that tap water that reaches our homes has the same chemical and organoleptic features as when it goes through the purification process and leaves the distribution point. Water can be contaminated in the water supply system, while reaching the taps in our kitchens and bathrooms, especially in the case of old construction. There may be mechanical impurities in the water, e.g. sand, but also its taste and smell may deteriorate. That’s why many filtering jugs have appeared in many houses. They guarantee that tap water is free of any sediments and impurities, as well as it is softened. Thanks to its softness the scale deposition is reduced.

Is the process of additional water filtration at home safe?

The use of jugs or filtering bottles is very common. People who are just planning to buy them may ask themselves whether tap water filtered at home is not noxious. However; there are no grounds for their concern. Glass or plastic used in the production of filter jugs are tested and approved for contact with drinking water. They are always new and do not come from recycling. The filters contain ion exchange resin and activated carbon Рsubstances that remove contaminants in water (chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, detergents, mechanical dirt), but do not distil it, i.e. they do not remove from the water elements and microelements that positively affect the body, such as calcium or magnesium. Filtering in jugs softens water, so that no limescale  is settled on vessels. Low mineralized water is recommended, among others, in the prevention of kidney stones. In addition, filtered water has a better taste and smell. Water filtration at home is a completely safe process that does not cause water quality deterioration; on the contrary, it improves its health and organoleptic properties. This is confirmed by many studies of independent institutions and the attestations granted to products.

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