Clean tap water – how to filter water?

Is it worth buying a filtering jug
Is it worth buying a filtering jug?
December 16, 2018
How does the filtering bottle work?
December 28, 2018
Clean tap water - how to filter water

Where does the water in the tap come from?

The water that flows in our taps has a long way to go. Taken from its source, it goes to a purifying station where it undergoes purification processes. At this stage, the water is already pre-purified of chemical and physical impurities. Next, it passes through the disinfection systems. The disinfection process is based on irradiation of water with UV rays, which kill all bacteria and microorganisms. Prophylactic disinfection consists of mixing in the minimum dose of chlorine, which counteracts the secondary contamination of water in the extensive water supply network.

Why is additional purifying water worth doing?

Water purification is a process that makes the water suitable for domestic consumption. However, it overcomes considerable distances via water supply network, which may influence its quality (mechanical contamination may appear again in the water, e.g. rust, sand) and deteriorate organoleptic sensations (smell, taste). This is where the offer of household appliances and cleaning vessels appeared in the form of flow filters, jugs and filter bottles.

How to filter water at home?

Filtration of tap water is very simple thanks to a wide range of products and their high availability, both in traditional and online stores. Jugs and bottles differ in the material they are made from (glass, plastic), capacity, colours, design. You can also choose the type of filter that will be used. There are standard filters which thoroughly purify water from secondary pollution, but also filters with additional functions, e.g. mineralizing water with magnesium ions, lowering the pH of water or filters with increased hardness reduction. Regardless of which type of filter you choose, the regular replacement of filter cartridges is the most important factor for proper water purification in your house. It is a very easy task, which takes a few moments – remove filter out of the package and then place into your jug, then filter the water twice. Jugs and bottles are reusable and will serve us for many years and have systems to remind you about the replacement, while the filters should be changed once a month.

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