How does the filtering bottle work?

Clean tap water - how to filter water
Clean tap water – how to filter water?
December 21, 2018

The offer of filtering products was limited to two types of devices until recently. The first one is flow-through filters installed in the home water supply network, e.g. for taps or water supply pipes. The second is the jugs with filter cartridges that appeared in our homes several decades ago. These devices guarantee water purification from chemical impurities (such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine) as well as mechanical ones (e.g. sand, fine suspended matter, rust, impurities leached from the surface of hydraulic installations). They also improve the taste and smell of water and soften it, so that no stone deposits appear in water and beverages – this is also important for household appliances in which we use water (coffee maker, kettle, iron, refrigerator with water distributor, etc.).Filtering bottle is a novelty that has recently appeared on the market

Filtering bottle – what is it?

The bottle resembles a drinking bottle; it is made of a safe plastic (completely free of harmful Bisphenol A). It has been designed for all those who appreciate a healthy lifestyle and want to have the possibility of hydration always at hand. It has an ergonomic shape, is handy and available in different versions, varying in capacity (0.3l, 0.5l, 0.7l) and design. It is also possible to design your own bottle. Small capacity bottles are perfect during walks or meetings at work, while a larger bottle will be perfect for traveling or training.

How to use the bottle every day?

The filtering bottle is equipped with a filter, just like a jug. It should be replaced every month, which will guarantee us clean water of the highest quality. Its exchange is simple and fast – the filter should be put in the bottle after being removed from the packaging and filled twice with tap water. The obtained water, for example, can be used to water flowers. Next, your bottle is ready for use for another month. You can take the bottle with you anywhere and simply use tap water to refill it – just remove the filter cartridge, fill it with water and put the filter back in the bottle.

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