How to properly filter water from the tap?

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December 5, 2018
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Is it worth buying a filtering jug?
December 16, 2018
How to properly filter water from the tap

Tap water is getting better and better thanks to the modernization of water treatment points. However, very often it is not enough for us to drink tap water without any worries. According to some studies, up to 60% of us do not have the confidence or dislike the taste / smell of tap water. The result is that we buy large quantities of bottled water, which in turn generates high costs not only of the purchase itself, but also of the disposal of bottles or glass, in which water is bought in stores. Filtering water using jugs or filter bottles is an excellent alternative for people who want to use tap water, but also be sure that the water is clean and healthy.

To get properly filtered water, follow a few simple rules

First of all, regular replacement of filter cartridges is a necessity. Manufacturers recommend replacing filters once a month as only then we get a guarantee that the filter will stop all impurities and water will meet our expectations. After removing the old filter, the jug should be disassembled and washed with warm water with a mild detergent and then assembled back together. Place the filter in the tap water tank and press it lightly. Then close the jug, putting the lid first in the front part next to the funnel, then at the handle. What’s also important, after inserting a new filter, it should be double-filtered with tap water, and then pouring it (it can be used, for example, for watering flowers or other economic purposes). It vents the filter and removes any microparticles of activated carbon, which is one of the main components of the filter. The last step is to set a reminder to change the filter. If the indicator is manual, the reminder setting is to move the pointer to the date in a month from the first time you insert the new filter. If the jug has an LED sensor, the colour of light will indicate the degree of filter wear – yellow communicates that you should get ready for filter replacing in the near future, red informs you that 30 days have passed and you should replace the filter.

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